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Physiotherapy and fitness sessions-

Physiotherapy is a non invasive medical treatment required for all kinds of orthopaedic, neurological, gynecological, paediatric and geriatric class of categories.

-Get personalized exercises and home based workout routines as per your problems.

- Physiotherapy per session Rs 1500/-(online and offline)

-fitness sessions per session Rs 2000/- (online)

( Includes 4 days workout sessions, relaxation, body strengthening, stretching activities)

•Weekend wellness sessions –

Get refreshed with some live online group morning wellness sessions with Aerobics’, stretching, ball exercises .

-Exclusively for mothers and children

- 1 month subscription for Rs 2500/-(every sat n sun; 7-8am)

-Subscription for 3 months at Rs 8000/

Physiotherapy and fitness sessions

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