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Green Mountains

Green Renaissance

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The  Story

The Green Renaissance Initiative by the KRB Foundation, in collaboration with Kaustav Engineering, focuses on environmental sustainability through extensive tree planting and a shift towards a circular economy. This initiative aims to enhance green cover and promote resource efficiency by minimizing waste and maximizing reuse. By adopting responsible corporate practices, KRB Foundation and Kaustav Engineering are committed to creating a sustainable future, demonstrating leadership in environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility. This initiative not only addresses climate change but also fosters community involvement and ecological balance.

Our Campaign :

Our Initiatives

The KRB Foundation is dedicated to promoting green initiatives, with a particular focus on spreading environmental awareness among young minds. Recognizing the crucial role that the youth play in shaping a sustainable future, the foundation organizes educational programs, workshops, and interactive activities in schools and colleges. 

Our Knowledge Kits

The KRB Foundation's Knowledge Kits are designed to inspire environmental awareness and action among young people. Each kit includes a selection of books on sustainability, special edition magazines highlighting green initiatives, and practical learning kits that encourage hands-on engagement with eco-friendly practices. 

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Special Issue of She Business Time


Our Tree Plantation Drive

The KRB Foundation's Tree Plantation Drive is a vital part of our green initiatives, aimed at combating deforestation and promoting a healthier environment. Through this drive, we organize community events where volunteers, including students, local residents, and corporate partners, come together to plant trees in urban and rural areas.