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Janitri's Health Awareness Camp for the flood-affected areas of Assam

Natural calamities always cause huge devastation on human lives. Assam is one of the affected state every year. Every summer the Brahmaputra river get flooded immerging all the towns and villages on its banks. Thousands of lives are affected every year. This year alone, according to ASDM officials, atleast more the 5 lakhs people are affected including over 1 lakh children in 799 villages of nearly 10 districts of the state. Over 35,384 acres of crop fields were immerse underwater. Janitri, an NGO working for women and children, in association with Narayana Hospital have come forward to offer relieves measures and health checked up to the flood affected families and villages in Nagaon district. Dr Apurba Borah, the HOD of Critical Care Dept and one of the administrator of Narayana hospital, one of the visiting team, has emphasised on the mental health of these people following the loss of properties and agricultural products. He also talk about outbreak of contagious water borne diseases prone among the flood affected areas. Rumi Borah, of Janitri, have urge every citizen to come forward and support the flood affected people of Assam. Especially children who are deprived of schools and proper food, small infants and their lactating mothers, comprising the special category. Janitri is commited to helping the flood victims in all capabilities and will continue its relief work. Donate for the cause #janitri #donation #AssamFlood #Flood #Assam

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